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          811.802 Failure to yield right of way to funeral procession; penalty. (1) A person commits the offense of failure to yield the right of way to a funeral procession if the funeral procession is accompanied by a funeral escort vehicle or a funeral lead vehicle and the person does not do the following:
          (a) Yield the right of way to the funeral procession.
          (b) Stop before entering any intersection and remain stopped until the funeral procession has passed.
          (c) Obey any directions given by a driver of a funeral escort vehicle.
          (2) Except as otherwise provided in subsection (3) of this section and except for emergency vehicles and police vehicles or at the direction of a police officer, this section applies to pedestrians, bicyclists, motor vehicle drivers and anyone else in the path of a funeral procession.
          (3) This section applies only to persons who knew or in the exercise of reasonable care should have known of the presence of a funeral procession.
          (4) The offense described in this section, failure to yield the right of way to a funeral procession, is a Class D traffic violation.
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