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          814.260 Failure of moped operator to wear motorcycle helmet; penalty. (1) A person commits the offense of failure of a moped rider to wear a motorcycle helmet if the person:
          (a) Operates or rides on a moped; and
          (b) Is not wearing a motorcycle helmet.
          (2) Exemptions from this section are established under ORS 814.290.
          (3) This section does not permit passengers on mopeds in violation of ORS 814.330 or 814.340.
          (4) The offense described in this section, failure of a moped rider to wear a motorcycle helmet, is a Class D traffic violation.

          814.290 Exemptions from motorcycle helmet requirements. This section establishes exemptions from the requirements and penalties relating to the use of motorcycle helmets under ORS 814.260 to 814.280. A person is not in violation of ORS 814.260, 814.269, 814.275 or 814.280 if the person is any of the following:
          (1) Within an enclosed cab.
          (2) Operating or riding a vehicle designed to travel with three wheels in contact with the ground at speeds of less than 15 miles per hour.
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