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          811.346 Misuse of special left turn lane; penalty. (1) A person commits the offense of misuse of a special left turn lane if the person uses a special left turn lane for anything other than making a left turn either into or from the special left turn lane.
          (2) A person who turns into a special left turn lane from an alley, driveway or other entrance to the highway that has the special left turn lane is in violation of this section if the person does anything other than stop in the lane and merge into traffic in the lane immediately to the right of the person’s vehicle.
          (3) As used in ORS 811.345 and this section, a “special left turn lane” is a median lane that is marked for left turns by drivers proceeding in opposite directions.
          (4) The offense described in this section, misuse of a special left turn lane, is a Class B traffic violation.
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