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          803.540 Failure to display plates; exceptions; penalty. (1) A person commits the offense of failure to display registration plates if the person operates, on the highways of this state, any vehicle or camper that has been assigned registration plates by this state and the registration plates assigned to the vehicle or camper are displayed in a manner that violates any of the following:
          (a) The plate must be displayed on the rear of the vehicle, if only one plate is required.
          (b) Plates must be displayed on the front and rear of the vehicle if two plates are required.
          (c) The plates must be in plain view and so as to be read easily by the public.
          (d) The plate must not be any plate that does not entitle the holder thereof to operate the vehicle upon the highways.
          (2) A person is not in violation of this section if the person is operating a vehicle or camper under and in accordance with the requirements for any of the following:
          (a) A temporary application permit issued under ORS 803.615.
          (b) An agent temporary registration permit issued under ORS 803.625.
          (c) Provisions established under ORS 826.007, 826.009 or 826.011 for the display of registration plates or other evidence of registration on vehicles that are proportionally registered under ORS 826.009 or 826.011.
          (3) The offense described in this section, failure to display registration plates, is a Class D traffic violation.
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