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          811.430 Driving on highway divider; exceptions; penalty. (1) A person commits the offense of driving on a highway divider if the person drives a vehicle over, across or within a dividing space, barrier or section that is an intervening space, physical barrier or clearly indicated dividing section so constructed as to impede vehicular traffic and that divides a highway into two or more roadways.
          (2) For purposes of this section, a “dividing space” includes pavement markings of solid double yellow lines with yellow cross-hatching between the double yellow lines.
          (3) This section does not apply when the movement of a vehicle that is otherwise prohibited by this section is made:
          (a) At an authorized crossover or intersection; or
          (b) At the specific direction of a road authority.
          (4) The offense described in this section, driving on a highway divider, is a Class B traffic violation.
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