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          803.505 Failure to carry registration card; penalty. (1) The owner of a vehicle that is registered in this state commits the offense of failure to carry a registration card if the owner does not place and keep the card in or on the vehicle in a manner that makes it readily available for police inspection upon request.
          (2) The following apply to the offense described in this section:
          (a) The owner of a commercial vehicle is not in violation of this section if a photocopy of the card is used.
          (b) In the case of a camper, the owner shall keep the registration card in the transporting vehicle.
          (c) In the case of a snowmobile the registration card or certificate shall be in a place that is readily accessible whether or not the snowmobile is in operation.
          (3) The offense described in this section, failure to carry a registration card, is a Class D traffic violation.
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