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    Basic Traffic Court Testimony

    Good MORNING/AFTERNOON Your Honor. My name is YOUR NAME . I am employed as a police officer with AGENCY and was so employed on DATE OF OFFENSE . I was in uniform, badge displayed operating a MARKED / UNMARKED police car. At that time, I observed a COLOR, YEAR, MAKE, MODEL in the AREA OF STREET/LOCATION which is a PUBLIC HIGHWAY / PREMISE OPEN TO THE PUBLIC within the city of NAME OF CITY , County of NAME OF COUNTY , State of Oregon.

    Provide details and observations of offense

    I initiated a traffic stop in the area of LOCATION OF STOP and contacted the driver, MR./MS. DRIVER'S NAME , who is seated to my RIGHT/LEFT . I identified the driver, who was driving the vehicle, by HIS/HER LICENSE OR OTHER METHOD.

    Facts of contact, driver statements or admissions, demeanor and attitude.

    I then issued the driver a citation for the following offense(s): ORS NUMBER AND OFFENSE NAME

    Note: If you need to amend the citation (i.e. date change, location change,etc.) notify the judge prior to beginning your testimony.
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