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          803.655 Improper display of permit; penalty. (1) A person commits the offense of improper display of a permit if the person is issued a permit under ORS 803.600, 803.615 or 803.625, and the person does not display the permit on the vehicle in the manner required by ORS 803.650 or as required by the Department of Transportation by rule.
          (2) The offense described in this section, improper display of a permit, is a Class D traffic violation.

          803.650 Placement of permits in vehicles; rules. (1) A permit issued under ORS 803.600, 803.615 or 803.625 shall be placed on the left side of the rear window of the vehicle unless:
          (a) The vehicle has no rear window; or
          (b) The design of the vehicle or of any equipment lawfully added to the vehicle is such that a permit placed as required by this section could not easily be seen from outside the vehicle.
          (2) The Department of Transportation shall adopt rules for the placement of permits that cannot be placed on the left side of the rear window of a vehicle.
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