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    U TURN
          811.365 Illegal U-turn; penalty. (1) A person commits the offense of making an illegal U-turn if the person is operating a vehicle and the person turns the vehicle so as to proceed in the opposite direction in any of the following places:
          (a) Within an intersection where traffic is controlled by an electrical signal. This paragraph does not apply where posted otherwise.
          (b) Upon a highway within the limits of an incorporated city between intersections.
          (c) At any place upon a highway where the vehicle cannot be seen by another driver approaching from either direction within a distance of:
          (A) 500 feet within the incorporated limits of a city; or
          (B) 1,000 feet outside a city.
          (2) The offense described in this section, illegal U-turn, is a Class C traffic violation unless commission of the offense contributes to an accident. If commission of the offense contributes to an accident, the offense is a Class B traffic violation.
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