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    25.18 (16) Disruptive Conduct Inside a District Vehicle: No person shall occupy, move about or engage in activity in a District Vehicle in a manner that:
    • (a)  Interferes with the free movement of passengers; or
    • (b)  Interferes with or disrupts the function or safe operation of the District Vehicle, including movement that constitutes a distraction to the operator of a District Vehicle; or
    • (c)  Uses a District Vehicle for any purpose other than for transportation.
    B. Prohibited Misuse of District Transit System:
    (1) Use of District Transit System for Non-Transit Purposes: No person shall enter or remain upon, occupy or use a District Station for purposes other than boarding, disembarking or waiting for a District Vehicle, in an area where non-transit uses are prohibited by posted signage. A person is in violation of this section only after having occupied a District Station for a period of time that exceeds that which is reasonably necessary to wait for, board or disembark a District Vehicle.
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