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    7.10.080 Unlawful Burning.
    (1) No person shall:
    (a) Burn yard debris or any other type of material on any single or multi-family property within the City of Gresham, except when specifically authorized by a valid open burn permit issued by the City Fire Marshal or during a designated burn season.
    (b) Burn at any time any man-made material; rubber; plastic; garbage; construction materials; petroleum based materials; or any other product for which burning is prohibited by the Department of Environmental Quality.
    (c)Burn any nursery or other agricultural or commercial products or stock on property in the City of Gresham unless a permit authorizing such a burn has been issued.
    (d) Conduct any type of burning during a declared fire season.
    (e) Set on fire, or cause to be set on fire, any grass, grain, stubble, or other material being or growing on land within the city.
    • Intentionally or negligently allow fire to escape from the person's own land, or land of which the person is in possession or control.
    (g) Accidentally set any fire on the person's own land or the land of another and allow it to escape from control without extinguishing it, or using every reasonable effort to do so.
    (h) Know of a fire burning on the person's own land, or land of which the person is in possession or control, and fail or neglect to make every reasonable effort to extinguish it, regardless of whether or not the person is responsible for the starting of or the existence of the fire.
    (2) Violation of any provision of this section may be subject to a fine or penalty in the maximum amount of $1,000. Class A violation
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