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    7.80.080 Unlawfully Applying Graffiti; Possessing Graffiti Implement; Seizure; Minimum Fine; Community Service.
    (1) Unlawfully Applying Graffiti. Applying graffiti in violation of this article may be subject to a fine or penalty in the maximum amount of $500.
    (2) Unlawfully Possessing Graffiti Implement.
    (a) No person shall possess any graffiti implement, with the intent to use it in violation of GRC 7.80.080 (1) above.
    (b) Unlawfully possessing a graffiti implement may be subject to a fine or penalty in the maximum amount of $500.
    (3) In addition to any citation issued, a graffiti implement used or possessed in violation of this section may be immediately seized and impounded by the police department. The court, upon disposition of the issued citation, shall determine whether the instrument shall be returned to the defendant or deemed contraband subject to destruction under Oregon Law.
    (4) Community Service. In lieu of any fine that may be imposed for violation of this section, the court may order community service. The period of community service required by the court shall be performed under the supervision of a community service provider approved by the court. Reasonable effort shall be made to assign the subject person to a type of community service that is reasonably expected to have the most rehabilitative effect on the person. To the extent that the offense giving rise to the offer of community service constitutes a violation of this section, reasonable effort shall be made by the court to assign the person to community service that constitutes in significant part the removal of the graffiti. Class B violation
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