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    7.10.145 Park, Trail, and Open Space Prohibitions.
    (1) No person shall in a city park, trail, or open space area unless designated for such use:
    (a) hunt, trap, molest, injure or capture any wild bird or animal;
    • hit golf balls;
    (c) use any lake, or creek;
    (d) operate, park, stand or use any motorized vehicle or remote controlled;
    (e) operate, park, stand or use any non-motorized vehicle
    (f) ride or lead a horse;
    (g) pick, cut, mutilate or remove flowers, shrubs, foliage, trees or plant without written permission from the manager;
    (h) mutilate, deface, damage, move or remove any park equipment, including but not limited to tables, benches, buildings, signs,
    markers, plaques, barriers, fountains, faucets, traffic recorders or other structures or facilities;

    (i) dig, dredge, deface or remove any dirt, stones, rocks, artifacts or other substances, make any excavation, quarry stones
    or other objects, or cause or assist in doing any of the things without written permission from the manager;

    (j) dump personal waste or refuse that is not generated at a city park, trail, or open space in any garbage receptacle
    provided at such locations This includes, but is not limited to, refuse generated by home, business, or commercial activities;

    (k) use firearms, explosives or any device that includes a projectile of any kind, except in areas designated for such use by the manager; or
    (l) construct or erect any structure, membrane, tent or lean-to without written permission from the manager.
    • A rigid framework that supports a fabric membrane may be erected to provide temporary shading if;
    - No more than 200 square feet in area and 10 feet in height;
    - The interior is visible from at least three sides;
    - Not left unattended;
    • Dismantled by sunset on the day erected.
    • Groups of 15 persons or more may not use a sports fields or picnic shelters as designated by a manager without a use permit.
    (3) Motorized and non-motorized vehicles, to the extent permitted to operate in a city park, trail, or open space, shall not exceed 15 miles per hour,
    and must yield to pedestrians and equestrians.

    (4) In addition to any other enforcement action, the manager or any peace officer may expel from a city park, trail, or open space any person
    who violates any provision of the Gresham Revised Code or state law and who is damaging park property or disturbing other persons in the park.

    (5) The provisions of GRC 7.10.145(1)(d) shall not apply to authorized personnel operating maintenance or emergency Class A violation

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