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    The subject must meet all of the below 3 factors to participate:

    1. Subject must agree to take responsibility for the offense
    2. A parent or guardian must participate and
    3. Subject cannot have any prior offenses

    Questions? 503.891.9065

    Offenses that qualify for Peer Court

    Theft II (ORS 164.045)
    Theft III (ORS 164.043)
    Criminal Mischief I (ORS 164.365)
    Criminal Mischief II (ORS 164.354)
    Criminal Trespass II (ORS 164.245)
    Disorderly Conduct II (ORS 166.025)
    MIP Alcohol (ORS 471.430)
    Possession of Marijuana < Oz (ORS 475.864)
    Harassment (Non DV/Sexual) (ORS 166.065)
    Initiating a False Report (ORS ORS 162.375)

    Ordinances that qualify for Peer Court

    Misuse of bicycle (GRC 8.70.030)
    Unlawful Use of Public Street
    Possession of Graffiti Implement (ORS 164.386)
    Curfew (Night) (GRC 7.40.010)
    Curfew (Day) (GRC 7.40.015)
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