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    9.75.110 Release At Scene (RAS).
    (1) In the event a vehicle owner/ owner’s agent returns to the where the vehicle was parked before the PPI Tower has left the area, the PPI Tower may collect a RAS fee if the following conditions have been satisfied:
    (a) the hook up of equipment to the vehicle to be towed is complete, including the hook up of safety equipment; and
    (b) the tow truck’s transmission is engaged and it has commenced driving forward.
    (2) The RAS fee shall be the fee established by council resolution.
    (3) Under the conditions of subsection (1), above, the PPI Tower must immediately halt the tow and inform the vehicle owner of the amount of the RAS fee. The vehicle owner/owner’s agent or operator has 15 minutes to pay the RAS fee. If the vehicle owner/owner’s agent or operator fails to make payment within 15 minutes, the PPI Tower may proceed to tow the vehicle to the storage facility.
    • In the event that a vehicle owner or operator returns to the vehicle while the PPI Tower is still attaching equipment to the vehicle or is outside of the tow truck, the PPI Tower shall release the vehicle to the vehicle owner or operator at no charge.
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